NEWS – World Championships update

Posted on Mai 26, 2015

IAU President Charles Méchin and Field TC Member Pavel Kaszonyi are currently in Russia, assisting with preparations for the World Championships in Ulan-Ude. Their visit will include site inspections of the range facilities for the Match and Field events. Whilst there Charles and Pavel will deliver training courses for the local range officials. At the time of writing, 10 countries have pre-registered teams for the World Championships which take place in August. National federations who have not yet entered may still do so. The entry deadlines are; Preliminary Entries until June 10, Final Entries (Shooters names) until July 10. Entry forms and World Championships information is available for download at

Charter Flight Information – WCH Ulan Ude 2015

Posted on Mai 21, 2015

Dear sports friends,

Information about Charter flight from Frankfurt – Ulan Ude – Frankfurt:

– Departure date and time/Frankfurt: 18.08.2015 at 13.00 pm (by European time)

– Arrival date and time/Ulan-Ude: 19.08.2015 at 6.00 am (by Ulan-Ude time)

– Return flight date and time/Ulan-Ude: 27.08.2015 at 21.00 pm (by Ulan-Ude time)

– Arrival date and time of the return flight/Frankfurt: 27.08.2015 at 22.00 pm (by European time)

Flight tickets cost Frankfurt-Ulan Ude – Frankfurt: 600 Euros

Each passenger can take with them one baggage, overall dimensions up to 158 cm  / total weight up to 32 kg

For each additional baggage charge of 50 Euro (up to 158 cm / total weight up to 32 kg).

If the baggage size will be more than 158 cm, extra charge 50 Euro.

Mikhail Lyskov, on behalf WCH Organizing Committee 

18th IAU World Championship, Ulan-Ude, Russia 2015

Posted on Oktober 22, 2014

2015_wch_ru copyThe IAU Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the Invitation Package for the 2015 World Championship is available to download. The competitions (Match 10m, 30m and Field) will take place in Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia from August 19th to 27th, 2015. There is also an official website where the latest information on the event can be found – visit

Link to download Official Invitation wch_buryatia_2015

FRANKFURT WCH 2014 – Photos now online

Posted on September 20, 2014

Three new Photo Galleries posted on September 19click on GALLERY tab above to view great images from a memorable World Championships in Frankfurt Germany. Photos courtesy of Gérard Boutteville, Herbert Vӧckel, team Croatia and team France.

Field XB Men (from left): Silver medallist Pascal Christoffel FRA, 2014 World Champion Ralf Hillendbrand GER, Bronze medallist Andrej Krstinic CRO. Photo: Herbert Vӧckel

IAU World Championships 2014 – 30m Match Open Class Results

Posted on August 10, 2014

August 9, Frankfurt/Main GER – IAU World Championship 30m Open Class Combined: 1. Nazar Luginets RUS 660 (569/91/9), 2. Sergei Kamenskii RUS 660 (568/92/7), 3. Thomas Aumann GER 649 (561/88), 4. Monika Zahnd SUI 647 (556/91), 5. Jürg Ebnӧther SUI 644 (557/87), 6. Thomas Lampl AUT 644 (557/87), 7. Martin Maier GER 638 (554/84), 8. Markus Bischler AUT 633 (554/79). (26 competitors)

August 9, Frankfurt/Main GER – IAU World Championship 30m Open Class Standing: 1. Nazar Luginets RUS 285, 2. Sergei Kamenskii RUS 281, 3. Sonja Strillinger AUT 280, 4. Thomas Lampl AUT 278, 5. Peter Sidi HUN 278, 6. Peter Neumann GER 276, 7. Martin Maier GER 275, 8. Thomas Aumann GER 275. (26 competitors)

August 9, Frankfurt/Main GER – IAU World Championship 30m Open Class Kneeling: 1. Sergei Kamenskii RUS 287, 2. Thomas Aumann GER 286, 3. Jürg Ebnӧther SUI 284, 4. Nazar Luginets RUS 284, 5. Monika Zahnd SUI 283, 6. Markus Bichler AUT 283, 7. Gebhard Fürst GER 282, 8. Aleksandr Driagin RUS 282. (26 competitors)

August 9: 30m Open Class Results