Field Crossbow – Competitors Equipment


Crossbows Construction   Must conform to IAU Field regulations
  Draw weight   43 kilos (95 pounds) maximum
  Draw length   30 cm (12 inches) maximum string travel
  Mass weight   10 kilos (22 pounds) maximum
  Hook butt plate   YES
  Hand support   YES
  Sighting units   No magnifying lenses or laser systems
  Level bubble   YES
  Electronics   NO
  Loading devices   NO
Bolts Construction   Archery arrow shaft tube (free choice)
  Length   30 cm (12 inches) minimum / 45 cm (18 inches) maximum
  Vanes   Minimum 3 (size: free choice)
  Points   Target archery type (minimal damage to target buttress)
Clothing General   Normal sports clothes (no ISSF-style shooting clothing)
  Footwear   Must not extend above ankle bone (no boots)
  Hat   YES
  Weatherproofs   YES (only during rainy conditions)
Accessories Eyewear   YES (normal prescription lenses)
  Ear protection   YES (no electronics)
  Spotting Scope   YES