Match Crossbow – 30 Meter


30 METRE MATCH-CROSSBOW shooting is the IAU’s premier discipline and championships entry lists regularly include many Olympic-class small bore and air rifle athletes. Shooting takes place on enclosed outdoor ranges which are equipped with electrically driven match-crossbow target transport systems. Existing small bore ranges can be adapted for 30 metre crossbow shooting. In the absence of permanent facilities, shooting can take place on temporary tented ranges using portable target systems.

30 Metre Match-crossbow is shot from two positions; “Standing” and “Kneeling”. Crossbows are loaded using a lever and a Bolt (arrow) is shot at a black and white 30m Target Card (one shot per card, the same bolt shot repeatedly).

At IAU World and Continental championships all member federations are eligible to enter teams of three (3) competitors (of either gender) in two (2) Categories; Open Class and U-21 Juniors. And by taking part at IAU Cup matches, a nation can win two (2) additional Quota-Spots thereby increasing to five (5) the number of competitors that the federation concerned can register for the next years World or Continental Match-crossbow championships.

The competition programme consists of 60 shots from 30 meters – 30 shots “Standing” plus 30 shots “Kneeling”. The Team competitions (60 shots) take place on the first day of championships. On the following day, the highest scoring competitors in the team events (Open Class and U-21 Juniors) will qualify to take part in the Individual championships. The numbers of competitors to qualify will depend on the number of targets available (usually 28). After 60 shots the top eight (8) competitors in each category will go forward to the Championships Finals (Standing position, 10 shots on voice command). The winners of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are the three competitors with the highest combined scores (60 shot Qualification plus 10 shot Final). If scores are tied after 10 Final shots the competitors concerned shall continue shot-by-shot until a winner is declared.


COMPETITION PROGRAMME – 30 m Match-crossbow Shooting (all Categories)


Standing Postion 30 shots Time Limit 90 minutes
Kneeling Position 30 shots Time Limit 90 minutes
Finals (top 8 competitors) 10 shots (on command) 75 seconds per shot


Target size: 200 x 200 mm , 250-300 gsm white card, 90 mm dia. black circle, 10-ring = 6 mm dia.