Posted on December 13, 2016


Dear Crossbow Friends,

The IAU Executive Committee sends it best wishes for the festive season to crossbow archers everywhere around the world. We would like to thank our member national federations, the athletes, the coaches our judges and the volunteers for your support during the past year.

We now look forward to meeting you in Croatia next July for our 19th World Championships Match & Field (Osijek, July 9-16, 2017).

With best wishes, Charles MÉCHIN, IAU President

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22nd Croatia Cup 2017 (Field IR1800) Invitation

Posted on November 16, 2016

The Croatian Shooting Federation and the Shooting Club Veliko Trgovišce are pleased to invite IAU member nations and their athletes to the 22 Croatia Cup, international Field-crossbow competition (IR1800) which will take place in Veliko Trgovišce, Croatia during 23-25 June 2017. Immediately after the competition (25-28 June) members of the Croatian Crossbow Team (Field) will conduct a special Training Program for the upcoming World Championships (Osijek 2017).Training will take place at the Terme Tuhelj Hotel Well. Athletes from other nations will be welcome to join the program and exchange crossbow skills.   For more information, kindly download the official invitation.


2017 World Championship announced

Posted on November 14, 2016



The IAU Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the 19th World Championships will take place in Osijek, Croatia during 9th to 16th July 2017. Further information will be posted when it becomes available. Charles Méchin, IAU President.



Posted on September 22, 2016


Photo Courtesy Pero Stojnic CRO

17-18 September 2016, Slavonski Brod Croatia – 11th Europa-Cup Field-crossbow 18mMen: 1. Marijan Kajfes CRO 1197, 2. Domagoj Pereglin CRO 1197, 3. Jan Nedlenik CZE 1182. Women: 1. Valentina Pereglin CRO 1197, 2. Olga Klimova RUS 1184, 3. Maja Grdisa CRO 1168. Juniors: 1. Mihaela Oborovecki CRO, Luka Strebenac CRO 1193/60/53 tied-score, 3. Artem Popov RUS 1189. Cadets: Oliver Mofardin CRO 1172, 2. Stjepan Borak CRO 1157, 3. Daria Ponomarenko RUS 1153. Seniors: 1. Zeljko Tijan CRO 1183, 2. IvicaTomljanonvic CRO 1141, 3. Josej Nedelnik CZE 1139.


BOHEMIA CUP 2016 – Results

Posted on August 11, 2016


Photo courtesy of Pavel Kazsonyi

July 29-31, Bohemia Cup, Otrokovice CZE (IAU Field 2xIR900) – Men: 1. Martin Oborovecki CRO 1720, 2. Bohumil Korbar CZE 1689, 3. Dr Otto Makela FIN 1600 (16 competitors). Women: Valentina Pereglin CRO 1717, 2. Nikolina Krvanek CRO 1649, 3. Gabriel Biharine HUN 1579 (7 competitors). Junior U21’s: 1. Mihaela Oborovecki CRO 1663, 2. Tereza Skladalova CZE 1540, 3. Benedikt Palotai HUN 1494 (4 competitors). Cadet U-18’s: 1. Oliver Mofardin CRO 1593, 2. Martina Milcetic CRO 1573, 3. Lukas Baborak CZE 1511 (9 competitors). Senior O’55’s: 1. Zeljko Tijan CRO 1615, 2. Dr Agota Lenart HUN 1569, 3. Jari Johansson FIN 1563 (14 competitors).

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