Championships – Introduction



THE IAU RECOGNIZES international championships in three crossbow target-shooting disciplines; ‘Match 30m’, ‘Match 10m’ and ‘Field’. All championships are conducted as team and individual events. Teams will consist of three (3) members per category i.e. IAU MATCH EVENTS (6 categories): 30m Open Chass, 30m U-21, 10m Men, 10m Women, 10m U-21 Men and 10m U-21 Women. IAU FIELD EVENTS (6 categories): Men, Women, Juniors u-21, Cadets u-18, Seniors over 55’ and Assisted (Disabled / Wheelchair)



World Championships take place every two years on even number years (i.e. 2008, 2010). Continental Championships take place on odd-number years, alternating with World Championships events. Where local conditions permit, IAU World Championships are organized as combined events for Match 30m, Match 10m and Field disciplines.



To be recognized by the International Crossbow-shooting Union IAU all international competitions must be conducted in accordance with current IAU Rules and Regulations. Shooting range facilities must comply with national safety regulations and be approved by the appropriate IAU Technical Committee.

The organizing committee shall be totally responsible for making the financial arrangements for the event. The costs of Doping Controls and the provision lodging, food and local transport for the IAU judges shall be borne by the organizers (see IAU General Regulations).The host organizers of IAU Championships and Cup events shall conduct appropriate opening and awards ceremonies. During the opening ceremony the IAU Flag shall be presented to the organizer and raised. If possible the local authorities shall hold a civic reception.  




Any organization willing to host an IAU Championships or Cup Event must submit their bid through the IAU Member Federation of the country in which the competitions will take place. The bid must be submitted in writing to the IAU Secretary General before December 31 of the preceding year. The bid must include;

  • The Championships Dates
  • The venue and facilities available
  • An overview of the organiational structure and financial budget
  • An agreement to comply with relevant IAU rules and regulations
  • Details of Public Liability Insurance Cover for the event
  • Details of any commercial sponsorship or advertising agreements



The selection of the host country for World and Continental Championships will be made by the IAU General Assembly from the eligible bids. The IAU Executive Committee may allocate a championships, the application for which has not been submitted to a General Assembly two years before the date of the championships. Preference will be given to bids for combined (Match and Field-crossbow) championships.

World Cup, Continental Cup and International events may be selected by the appropriate IAU Technical Committee from eligible bids submitted in writing to the IAU Secretary General before December 31 of the preceding year.



For further information please contact the IAU General Secretary

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