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THE INTERNATIONAL CROSSBOW-SHOOTING UNION (Internationale Armbrustschützen Union IAU) was founded in Landshut, Germany on June 24, 1956 as the world governing body for crossbow target shooting.

The IAU is incorporated in Switzerland; the Headquarters currently being domiciled in Corcelles (Neuchâtel) CH-2035 Switzerland. The IAU is administered by an Executive Committee with specialist Technical Committees responsible for the Match and Field crossbow disciplines. The members of these committees are elected by the IAU’s General Assembly which is held every four (4) years at an IAU World Championships.



The IAU supervises World, Continental and International crossbow shooting championships. IAU World Championships take place every 2 years with Continental Championships on intervening years. Other International and IAU-Cup events take place annually subject to the IAU’s prior approval.

Change to frequency of World Championships: As from 2015 there will be no IAU World Championships (only Regional Championships) during Olympic Games years i.e. from 2015 onwards the World Championships will take place on odd-number year’s i.e. 2015, 2017, 2019 and so on.


Since 1956 crossbow shooting athletes representing more than 50 nations from Europe, America, Asia and Oceania have participated at IAU World and Continental Championships. In 2003 at Kortrijk, Belgium the IAU General Assembly voted to apply for membership of the General Association of International Sports Federations GAISF (now known as SportAccord). Our membership application was first submitted in November 2004 and is currently pending IAU membership levels reaching the 40 nations on three continents as required under the Sport Accord (GAISF) Recognition Criteria .



The IAU publishes Competition Rule books for Match 30m, Match 10m and Field crossbow shooting. These regulations are reviewed after a World Championships (every 2 years) and any changes take effect on January 1st of the following year. The IAU competition rule books are available for download in PDF format from the website.


ANNUAL FEES 2011/ 12

The Annual Fees are; IAU Match Division CHF 400, IAU Field Division CHF 400 (joint membership Match and Field Divisions CHF 800). The membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. If a new federation is admitted as members after October 1st they do not have to pay the annual fee for the year in which they are elected.



ALL NATIONAL TARGET SHOOTING AND ARCHERY FEDERATIONS are invited to become members of the IAU. Membership applications must be sent in writing to the IAU Secretary General . Separate national federations, one representing Match-crossbow, the other representing Field-crossbow, can be accepted as IAU members. New organizations are recommended to consider joint Match and Field Division membership. The application must be accompanied by two (2) copies of the national federation’s Constitution, the names and adresses of the executive officers and the appropriate annual fee payable in Swiss Francs. Where possible the application file should also include a letter of recommendation from the applicants’ National Sports Committee.

 DownloadIAU Membership Application Form 2015

IAU Secretary General Mr. Charles MÉCHIN