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IAU Ambassadors

In order to further popularize the crossbow shooting sport, public and sports activities of the International Crossbow Shooting (IAU), the IAU Executive Committee appoints two groups of ambassadors; the IAU Goodwill Ambassadors and the IAU Athlete-Ambassadors.

IAU Athlete-Ambassadors confirmed by the IAU EC on August 16, 2019:

Ralf Hillenbrand (GER);

Nazar Luginets (RUS);

Lolita Kochetova (RUS);

Andrej Krstinic (CRO);

Valentina Pereglin (CRO);

Domagoj Pereglin (CRO);

Joel Brüschweiler (SUI);

Jacques Mangematin (FRA)

Regulations on IAU Ambassadors