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The IAU President Pero Stojnic’s Interview


Pero Stojnic: “The cherished dream of every athlete to participate at the Olympic games. The direct responsibility of the IAU is to fulfill this dream”

From the rifle to the crossbow, from the current athlete to the President of the IAU, it’s a rich biography, an interesting way of life. Pero Stojnic has been working in the sport for forty years already, but seems to be still passionately in love with him. Не tried various shooting disciplines, but he admits that shooting from a crossbow is out of competition. The reason for that is an amazing combination of strength, concentration and precision. Mr. President is a busy and an active person, he never stands still, he is always used to move only forward to the set goals. Which goals? - We'll find out it in an exclusive interview.


-     Slightly less than a month remains before the grand event of the 2018 World Cup finals in crossbow shooting. What are your expectations from the IAU World Cup 2018?

The IAU World Cup 2018 applies the new rules for the first time in the rich 60-years-long IAU history. The idea came to us while watching other sports events. Namely, almost all modern sport disciplines introduce series of competitions that include only the best competitors.

The series of World Cups enabled us to detect and rank the best crossbow shooting competitors. Now we have the IAU world rank list. That means that at the end of each calendar year we can announce the best shooter and award them the IAU Cristal Globe.

While conversing with the shooters I have noticed that they have fully accepted the new concept of competitions. The best ones are really looking forward to it and have already started with the preparations for the historical 1st IAU Finals of the World Cup, which will be held from 6th  till 9th  December 2018 in Orel, Russia.

-     A whole season and a lot of work were preceded to this final stage, how do you generally evaluate the results?


My mandate is now entering its second year as the IAU President and President of all working IAU parties. During this time, we held two IAU Executive Board conferences, one IAU Presidium meeting and a few Technical Field and Match divisions Committee meetings.

Over 30 new work documents have been proposed and accepted, most of which deal with competition rules. Never before in the history of the IAU has such an achievement been made in such a short period. The reason for this is the general wish of all IAU members to reform and transform this organisation into a new modern organisation. Following the trends of the modern age, we will meet the conditions for receiving funding from marketing activities, which has not been the practice up to now.

It is my pleasure to point out that for the first time we have the IAU office in Moscow, which operates on the professional level. The new IAU General Secretary, Mr Valery Ashikmin, has been excellently performing his duties and has been ensuring all technical prerequisites for quality work of our organisation.

My general stand is that we are on the right way. Nevertheless, the member delegates on the IAU General Assembly will give the final evaluation of our work.

-     What would you like to wish all the crossbow shooters before the start of the crossbow shooting IAU World Cup 2018?


To all shooters, participants of the upcoming Finals of the World Cup in Orel, I wish good performance. My regret is that the competitors from France and Germany will not take part in the event. At the same time, I would like to welcome the Indian shooters who will participate as guest competitors.

My promise to all competitors is that this will be the spectacle they have never seen in their sports careers. Namely, the IAU Finals of the World Cup will be the combination of culture programme, light and music show, the show in which the best shooters of this time will play the central role.

Sadly, the competitors of the Match discipline will not be part of this atmosphere, since they had no competitions this year that would qualify them for the participation in the Finals of the World Cup.

-     Shooting from a crossbow, unfortunately, is not yet an Olympic sport. The primary goal is to become a member of the Sport-Accord organization. What progress is noted in this direction?

The ultimate dream of every sports person is to perform in the Olympic Games. It is the obligation of the leaders of the IAU to make this dream come true to crossbow shooters.

The IAU has never been the member of the Olympic family. In the first IAU Executive Committee Assembly in Moscow, December 2017, we reached the decision that the main goal of the IAU is to become the member of the SportAcord in the shortest period possible. To achieve this, we need to have at least 40 members on three continents. This task is not an easy task, but it is feasible. The first deadline for this is the next IAU General Assembly in 2021. Here I must point out that to become the MOK candidate, one of the prerequisites is to be the member of the SportAcord.

-     To become an Olympic sport is a dream or reality? Why?

As I have already pointed out, the dream of every sports person is to be a part of the Olympic spectacle. At this moment, as it has been in all the previous years, it is the dream of the IAU.

Now, the reality is another thing. The International Olympic Committee sets very strict rules for all sports. The status of all existing sports, the members of the MOK, has constantly been re-evaluated. The new membership candidates are facing special conditions. In my opinion, our organisation needs, with the condition of continuous good practice in development of the IAU, 3 to 4 Olympic cycles to reach the possibility to become the candidate for the membership in the MOK.

-      Do you remember how you get into this kind of sport?


My first contact with the shooting discipline happened in 1977 when I started shooting the air rifle. The best achievement I had when I became the national champion of Croatia. Then I recognized my managerial skills, so in my following engagements I focused on trainer and organisational activities.

At the persuasion of Mr. Nikola Skorić, the vice president of FITA, and with the help of Mr. Christopher Aston, the IAU president, I introduced crossbow-shooting discipline in Croatia in 1993. In the first few years, I was also competing in this beautiful discipline.

-      What attracted you to crossbow shooting?

My forty-year-long experience in the shooting sport enabled me to learn numerous shooting disciplines. Today I have the right to say that crossbow shooting is definitely the most interesting one among them all. Especially attractive is the Field discipline, the discipline that asks of the shooter to fight against all weather conditions and against all other competitors. That is the combination of strength, concentration and precision displayed at the same time.

-      Is it difficult to be the President of the IAU? What challenges do you face in your work?

It is my great satisfaction to be the IAU president. As I am retired, I have plenty of free time to dedicate myself to the work and modernisation of this organisation. My wife Gorana, who was also the competitor in the Field discipline, is supportive of my activities and my work for the IAU.

In the period between 1999 and 2003 I was also the IAU president. I am not fully content with my work back these days. My feeling is that I did not achieve as much and in the way I expected of myself.

Today my great challenge is modernising the organisation, raising the attractiveness of the disciplines, introducing the third ‘Sport’ division, developing marketing and information, raising standards of organisation of crossbow competitions, rewarding competitors, spreading the crossbow shooting discipline across Asia and Africa. My belief is that a few top sports persons would accept the title of Sports IAU Ambassadors and help in attracting new members, but also to propagate and assert the crossbow shooting. There are, of course, some more goals and challenges.

My special challenge is to form a good team that will contribute to the more significant development of the IAU.

-      What are you planning for the next season and in the future?

I expect that in the next year the organisation of the series of IAU World Cups will come to realisation.

My expectation is a good organisation of the World Cup in Ulyanovsk. The Russian team already has superb organisational experience and it can be expected that, after Ulan-Ude and Orel, we will experience one more memorable sport manifestation.

The application for the IAU World Cups together with the continental and World Championships is open to the year 2025. My expectation is that all IAU members contribute to this. It is very important to disperse the contests to different countries.