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Valentina Pereglin: “Do what you love and love what you do!”


The champion of World and Europe Valentina Pereglin is a great representative of the nice crossbow dynasty, the first in the waiting list of the results of the rating "the best shooter of the year" by the IAU among women. Family traditions plus talent multiplied by hard work -that's the equation of her success. How to live by crossbow sports; to find time not only for everyday work? Hobbies, goals, new discoveries and dreams of Valentina Pereglin are in an exclusive interview.

- Valentina, you are one of the best crossbow shooters in the world and the main challenger for the title of the IAU crossbow shooter of the year. What is your secret of success? How are you preparing for the competition, I mean mental attitude?

- I practice crossbow shooting very hard, six times a week. Mental practice is also very important, because you need to know how to stay calm when your heart wants to get out of your body while you are competing. My mum is specialist for mental attitude, because she has lot of experience in that area, and she is helping me with mental preparations. My dad, who is also my coach, is helping me with other, mostly technical segments of shooting. But biggest recipe for great results is to truly love what you do.

- Do you remember your first competition where you won? Please tell us where and how it was? Do you remember your feelings?

- My first big competition was the European Championship in Saint Petersburg in 2007. I won the gold in cadets and that is one of my favorite medals in my sports career because that was the moment I knew I am doing the right thing – competing in a sport I love and I am actually good at.

- What are your expectations from the IAU World Cup 2018 in crossbow shooting?

- First of all, I am sure that the organization will be perfect because Russia as an organizer is far beyond every other country. Secondly, I will give my best on competition, because I am training hard for that. I want to stand on that shooting line, enjoy and leave my heart there as I always do.

- The crossbow shooting is a family sport for you. Your brother is also the one of the best shooters in the University. Is there some kind of rivalry between you and your brother? For example, who will be the champion more times or something like that?

- My mum was 4 times World Champion and 10 times European Champion and she holds many world, european and state records. My dad also used to compete, but now he is the coach in our club. My brother Domagoj is one of the best crossbow shooters and of course there is rivalry between us, even though we are not competing against each other, but we make that way more fun for us – I want to have better result than him, and he wants to have better result than me. (smile)

 On the other side, we are always huge support for each other, and at the and of the day it is more important for me to see him happy and satisfied with his result.

- Why did you choose the crossbow shooting? When it was?

- I started shooting crossbow in 2007, but my first competition I attended was long before that – World Championship in Germany, in 1994 when I was only few months old baby. Of course, I wasn’t competing, my mother was, and I was there on the shooting range with her. She won silver medal there, which is great and unbelievable because she had to shoot, be mentally prepaired and take care of me. I believe crossbow is part of my heart because I was in such a close contact with it since I was born – I was always traveling on competitions with my mum and dad, watching my mum winning many gold medals and meeting new people from all over the world who became our great friends. I enjoyed that and decided I want that kind of living.

- What attracted you in crossbow shooting?

- Mostly the peace I can find in myself while shooting on field, but also the excitement I get while competing which is priceless to me.

- Do you have any hobbies? How do you spend your spare - time? What are you interested in?

- Two months ago I got Master's degree on the Faculty of Economics and Business. Now I am working on television as a tv host in sport show. Besides that, I love spending time with my family and friends. In winter I snowboard, in summer I usually play tennis. Also, I like to learn new things so two years ago I started learning Russian language.

- Have you got a dream? Can you tell us about it?

-All I want is to be happy and people I love to be happy as well. Crossbow shooting is a big segment of my happiness, so I hope to gain great results in the future.

- What title in sport do you want to win in the future? What about the Olympic Games?

- I already won World and European gold medals, but I would like to win those championships more times. My mum is the female crossbow shooter with the most World and European Championships titles, and I would like to beat her records. (smile)