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Linda Mantsurova: “It's impossible to live without crossbow shooting!”


The final, the first World Cup and it's first winner - Linda Mantsurova will remain in the history of crossbow sports for ages. This victory was not an easy one, so it is more important and valuable! The most sportive police lieutenant colonel is not only good at shooting but also says that crossbow “has won her heart”. Read about emotions, impressions, hobbies and future plans of Linda Mantsurova in an exclusive interview.

- Linda, first of all, congratulations on your victory! You showed a brilliant result in the final of the World Cup Orel - 2018! What was the way to this victory?

- Thank you very much for the congratulations! It’s very pleasant! The way to this victory was not at all easy. Throughout all the stages of the World Cup I had both ups and downs. Even on the first day of the competition, in qualifying, I showed an average result. I was not quite happy with myself. But it was “yesterday”, I tried to just forget about it, and the next day I started with a clean slate, gathered my strength, and that allowed me to achieve victory!

- Immediately after the announcement of the results, you said that you still did not understand, I quote, “how it all happened?!” And now, when the emotions have subsided a bit, has awareness come? In the final there was an equal fight between you and Valentina Pereglin, you were first lagging behind, then coming forward. What were you thinking about at the crucial moment?

- When I reached the gold final, I understood that “the minimum” task was done. I already have a medal, and I will not be below the second place. My rival Valentina Pereglin is the world leader in crossbow shooting for women. When I was in the golden finals with her, I thought only about good shooting in order to look decent compared to her. I definitely didn’t have any thoughts about “gold” or “silver” at that very moment. There was a goal - to show everything that I could do! Perhaps those thoughts about good shooting led me to success!

- You went down in history, becoming the first winner of the World Cup, because the trophy had not been played before. What emotions have you got?

- Of course, I am very excited for myself, for the country, for the national team! Frankly speaking I cannot still believe that I have the Crystal Globe. It is even more valuable because of the fact that this is the first World Cup in the history of crossbow shooting and I’ve got it! (laughs)

- How do you assess the organization and conduct of the World Cup in Orel? Do you approve the new format?

- I want to note that the tournament was organized at the highest level. Accommodation, meals, the training process and the competition area were all excellent.I also really liked the new format! When we shot, we felt the huge support of the fans. Many thanks to the Secretary General of the IAU Valery Ashikhmin and our President Pero Stojnic for the holiday that they presented to the athletes, and the audience!

- How did crossbow sport appear in your life? What exactly attracted you in it?

- First I was engaged in bullet shooting. I shot from a rifle. But once I was offered to try my hand at crossbow sports. I liked it at once, since then I began doing it. And it appealed me, probably, by the fact that it is possible to shoot a crossbow outdoors and indoors, plus there are different distances. In general there are a lot of options. Such diversity cannot fail to attract you!

- How many years have you been doing crossbow shooting?

- I started doing crossbow shooting in 2004. In the coming year, there will be an anniversary, 15 years in crossbow sports! Of course, in a sports career there were moments when I left, but still returned to the crossbow. I still shoot, and I will shoot!

- And which division is closer to you "Field" or "Match"? Why?

- I tried myself in a match crossbow, participated in international competitions. But, nevertheless, the Field division is closer to me. This is only my subjective opinion, my feelings. Tastes, as they say, differ. Someone prefers match crossbow, I also respect their choice. We all have crosses to bear.

- Linda, you are a police lieutenant colonel, associate professor of the criminal procedure department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, candidate of legal sciences. Is crossbow sport for you rather a hobby or lifestyle?

- Yes, crossbow sport is, of course, a hobby. But a hobby that has already turned into lifestyle, it’s just impossible to live without a crossbow!

- You probably have a tight schedule, how do you manage to find time for trainings, fees and competitions?

- Yes, my schedule is very tight. I work every day, from morning to late evening. I can train either late in the evening or after work, or on weekends. I would like to train more, but I simply have no other time unfortunately ...

- What do you like doing besides shooting?

- I'm a sportive person. In addition to shooting I still go to the gym, go swimming, skiing. I love to discover something new. For example, I recently attended courses on Chinese gymnastics Tai Chi, which I really like. I am constantly developing, improving, looking for something interesting, new. I just can't live without it!

- You are the World and European championship medalist, now the World Cup has been added to your “piggy bank”. What are the future sports plans? What reward would you like to win?

- I will continue to train, improve my technique, get ready for the next starts. Like any athlete, I want to stand on the pedestals of the World and European Championships, and listen to the hymn of my country. The goal is not to stop, continue to shoot, work and win medals!