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Olga Klimova: “I dream of becoming a world champion in crossbow shooting!”


Leaving skis and a rifle, changing the biathlon to crossbow sports and in a year becoming a champion of Russia – that is about Olga Klimova. The bronze medalist of the final of the World Cup Orel-2018 having risked once, today regrets nothing. She found herself and is moving to her goal. Olga Klimova tells about shooting and friendship, talismans and emotions, as well as the launch of the Angara rocket in our exclusive interview for www.iau-crossbow.org/ru

- Olga, before we begin our conversation, let me congratulate you on the "bronze" of the World Cup finals in crossbow shooting! The tournament of such level was held for the first time, so your bronze award was the first in history! Are you satisfied with the result, how do you evaluate your performance?

- Thank you very much. But to be honest, I am not very happy with the result!

- And what went wrong?

- I think I lost my concentration! At some point I was like in a daze. This played a negative role. But then I gathered, and everything came to hand!

- What goal did you set before the finals of the draw?

- I expected at least second place ...

- Sport is an unpredictable thing, as they say. What lessons did you learn, what are you planning to focus on in your further training?

- That's for sure! Debriefing was serious. Work, train and never give up!

- In general, what are your impressions from the final of the World Cup Orel - 2018 in crossbow shooting?

- It was something incredible, enchanting! I've never seen anything like it before! The first final of the World Cup in crossbow sports, and it was fantastic! I’m still having goose bumps from memories, really! And the format of the event was interesting, although quite tense, and the competitions were just great, the organization was at the highest level.

- What was the most memorable?

- You know, the emotions are best remembered, perhaps, so I will always remember this state of a large and wonderful holiday! Many thanks to the organizers for such bright impressions!

- If we talk about emotions, can you describe how you feel when you are at the firing line? And are these feelings always the same?

- Emotions, of course, are different. For example, work on trainings is one thing, you have a task, and you perform it. At the competition in addition to this task there is also excitement. It must be! This adrenaline rush helps an athlete to show the maximum of his capabilities and work to the limit.

- Often athletes are quite superstitious. Do you have any sports signs, talismans, charms?

- Special signs or superstitions, probably not. ... But the talisman, yes! I always carry it with me (laughs).

- As you are not superstitious, then maybe you will reveal the secret of what kind of talisman is that?

- Olympic bear, from Sochi (laughs). Before that there was another small talisman, but somehow I lost it and at some point everything went wrong. So I believe in talismans! (laughs)

- How did you get into crossbow sports?

- That was a long time ago! In Moscow city club there was a section of biathlon, I was actively engaged there. And once I was invited to take part in a crossbow shooting competition. We went there with my friend, and I was so "hooked" that I am still here! (laughs)

- And what exactly "hooked" you?

- Probably, the fact that there is no need to run! (laughs) I’ve always loved shooting! But seriously, I don’t even know how to characterize it. Perhaps an inner sense of calm. Besides it is very interesting to compete outdoors, and it was not easy to aim and hit the target. After all, a crossbow is such a technically difficult thing in comparison with the rifle, where there are no problems. And in crossbow shooting wind should be taken into account, and keep in mind how the shoulders work, and the sight.

- When did you see the first serious result in crossbow sports?

- The result came, of course, not immediately. But in a year after I began training, I became the champion of Russia.

- Olga, what do you do in your spare from sports time?

- In my free time I work! (laughs) I'm a design engineer.

- What do you design?

- You’ve surely heard about the rocket "Angara". So, there are some blocks in it that our institute designs. I was directly involved in the manufacture and installation of certain parts, I was at Plesetsk cosmodrome.

Note. The Angara is a family of Russian space rockets of a new generation. They include launch vehicles of light (Angara-1.2), medium (Angara-A3) and heavy (Angara-A5, Angara-A7) classes with a carrying capacity from 1 to 35 tons. With their help, it is possible to put into any orbit spacecrafts of all types - satellites, spaceships, automatic interplanetary stations, etc.

- Wow! What a difficult and responsible job, maybe it somehow helps you in crossbow shooting?

- I think yes. The exact calculation should always be in your mind, especially when shooting in open areas.

- Do you prefer open or closed areas for competitions?

- Open, definitely. It is, of course, more difficult, but at the same time more interesting. There is no wind in the room, no sun, no rain and other natural factors.

- It is clear that at the competitions all the shooters, in this or that way, are rivals for each other. And who in your everyday life are you friends with or maintain friendly relations?

- With Lolita Kochetova, with Linda Mantsurova, and in general we try to communicate with everyone. We have a very friendly team, always trying to help and support each other. I am always glad to see shooters from other national teams at competitions!

- Olga, what are your dreams, what heights would you like to achieve in crossbow sports?

- I dream of becoming a world champion in crossbow shooting.

- According to statistics, at international competitions you most often take second and third places. Is it just a coincidence, a pattern, or are you, therefore, lulling your opponents into complacency before the World Cup in Ulyanovsk to realize your dream?

- (Laughs) I would like to believe that this is an extreme option! But I think that there is constantly something missing to get complete victory. There is some kind of flaw, but this season my physical condition has failed. You need to train more and work on yourself, then the result will be better!

- What is the mood for the next season and, of course, for the World Cup in Ulyanovsk?

- The mood is fighting like! I plan to show everything that I can, contrary to any statistics!