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Domagoj Pereglin: “Hard work is the main secret of success!”


The triumphant of the final of the World Cup Orel - 2018! Domagoj Pereglin managed not only to win the tense tournament, but also for the first time in history, he won the catchy title "The best shooter of the year". Total, he won the Big and Small Crystal Globes. Domagoj Pereglin told about the secret of success, training, music and future plans in an exclusive interview.

- Domagoj, first of all, let me congratulate you on your victory! You’ve become the first winner of the World Cup in the history of crossbow shooting. What was your mood like when you went to this tournament in Russia, in the city of Orel? You might have planned to win?

- Thank you very much! I'm an optimist! I think that you always need to be in a good mood in order to succeed both in sports and in life. If a person is in a bad mood, he will not be able to achieve much either in sports or in life. It seems to me that absolutely every athlete in any sport always hopes to win. Of course, I also hoped that. But it is impossible to plan it. Sport is so wonderful because it is completely unpredictable! To win you need to do your best, everything that you have learnt and the most important thing is to believe in yourself.

- The victory, according to your words, was not an easy one. What difficulties did you face, how could you man up and snatch the victory?

- Yes, that's for sure! The victory was not easy, but each victory isn’t. Victory is always difficult to achieve! And if it were not so, then everyone would be a champion. In addition, we had a completely new competition format. A real challenge when one can easily lose. I had to concentrate and mobilize all my strength to show the result.

- Is it difficult to compete with your compatriots, as you represent one team, the Croatian team? On the one hand, that is a plus, because you know your opponent well, but on the other hand, your opponents also know you well.

- It is incredibly difficult! You quite sincerely wish them all good luck and want them to win too! But this, alas, simply cannot come true. Only one of us can win, there can't be two winners. Therefore, such situations are very difficult for all of us, especially when such confrontation happens almost at the very beginning of the competition, as it happened with me and Marian. As a result, this time I won, and who knows what will happen the next time?

- The World Cup was held for the first time in the history of crossbow shooting, and what’s more - in an unusual, new format. Did you like it?

- Yes, I really liked the new format of the competition! I am sure that in this form our sport has become more understandable and interesting for the audience.

- And for crossbow shooters?

- And for us the unpredictable result is interesting! Now anything can happen, for example, I almost lost twice during the competition. You can’t relax even for a second! Indeed the best shooter can easily lose, simply because he loses concentration for a moment. It insanely motivates and stirs interest! True!

- The organizers of the competition tried to make crossbow shooting closer to the audience. And did you, athletes, feel the support of the fans?

- Of course! It was cool! Just fantastic! We really felt the support of one and all. Thanks everyone so much, it really helped a lot! There has never been such a thing before. And in the World Cup final we were able to understand the difference of what it means to shoot, feeling the support of the full house. I really hope that in the future we will have a lot of spectators in tournaments, and we promise to please them with our mastery.

- The World Cup Final for you was doubly successful. In addition to the main competitions, you have become the first in the history holder of the title "The best shooter of the year" and the Big Crystal Globe. Did you expect that? Or was it a pleasant surprise?

- No, I did not expect that. And it seems to me that I still do not believe it! (laughs) Everyone wants to win, but only one wins. I hadn’t got myself together from the victory in the tournament, and was already recognized as the best shooter of the year. This was a real surprise, as you said - a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much! It is a great honor for me to be the best shooter of the year!

- Is it difficult to be the best shooter? How many times a week do you train to keep fit? Do you have any secret of success, how to achieve such high results in sports?

- I probably will not say anything new now. The main secret of success is work! There can’t be any other secret. It is hard work that always brings results. And it does not matter what we are talking about. In any case you need to work hard. In my case, it is training 5-6 times a week. And each workout lasts about 2 hours.

- Is it difficult to follow such a schedule?

- And I do not say that it is easy! (laughs) Actually, if you love your sport, it doesn't matter if it is crossbow shooting, football or something else, it will not be difficult for you to come to trainings and make efforts. You just live it! And all the rest comes by itself, but only through work.

- What do you feel during the competition? You look absolutely calm, but in fact, do you worry? If so, how do you manage to deal with anxiety?

- This is, perhaps, only seemingly! (laughs) In general, crossbow shooting is a very intellectual sport. It requires great mental effort, concentration and stamina. This is also psychology. When you enter the firing line, you must always be focused to withstand the tension. Especially when you compete with each other in the form of duels, as it was at the World Cup. Believe me, absolutely everyone is worried, someone is more, someone is less. And that's fine. It even helps in some way. What matters is how you deal with this excitement. I think everyone has their own way. For example, I think only about the target, about my goal. When I go out on the firing line, then nothing in the world exists. There is only me and the target.

- Crossbow shooting for you is a family affair. Your parents shot a crossbow, now you and your sister Valentina perform very successfully. Does this love come from childhood?

- Oh, yes, I loved shooting from early childhood. Since I remember myself, I have always been surrounded by shooting. I still could not walk, but was already on the shooting range. I started an air rifle when I was 11 years old. And at the age of 14 I picked up a crossbow for the first time, since then, I have not parted with it. (laughs)

- And what exactly attracted you in this type of shooting?

- You know, this is some kind of inexplicable feeling, or rather, indescribable! Only the one who is fond of crossbow shooting will understand this. Crossbow sport is a whole world, this is travel, this is your team, your friends, meeting new interesting people, different customs and other cultures. This all is very interesting for me!

- What is your hobby? What do you like besides shooting a crossbow? How do you spend your free time?

- I love music, both to listen and play. I am able to play the guitar and the tamboura. Tamboura is such a national Croatian instrument, similar to the Russian balalaika. I also love programming. Although I work as a programmer, I still love programming even in my free time. No, it doesn’t annoy me! (laughs) This is both a hobby and a job for me. I read books, I play football with friends.

- The 2018 competition season is over. What are the goals for next season?

- Train and train again! Now I have only one goal - the World Championships in Ulyanovsk. It is necessary to prepare, the struggle will be serious! I am already looking forward to this tournament. Who knows, maybe we are expecting new surprises there.