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Ankur Rawat
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Harald Lugmayr: "Our goal is to fascinate the audience of crossbow shooting."


The past year was remembered for all fans of crossbow shooting by a landmark event - the final of the World Cup “Orel-2018”. After all, the tournament was not only held for the first time in history, but also for the first time in a completely new format. This bright sports show has left no one indifferent! Vice President of IAU in Europe Harald Lugmaer spoke about the modernization of the rules and the further development of the IAU in our exclusive interview.

- Mr. Lugmayr, you are the vice-president of IAU in Europe, how do you evaluate the development of the organization in this direction? How many European countries are currently part of the IAU? Who is planning to join in the near term? And with what federations is fruitful work already being done?

- The development of the IAU has started only in the beginning of the century. The Intersational Crossbow Shooting Union has been waiting long and now it introduces some changes. 15 European countries are members of the IAU at the moment. The Crossbow Shooting Federation of Italy is an associate member and can become a full member at any time. Now I am mainly busy with the the work in the Match Division. But I can definitely note that our good partners are Russia, Austria, Germany, Croatia and Switzerland.

- Do the European national federations of the IAU face any difficulties? If so, what exactly? Is crossbow shooting well developed everywhere in Europe?

- Most European federations have difficulties in finances and infrastructure. Since crossbow shooting is not Olympic kind of sport, the funding is poor. There are almost no sponsors because they can present their products only for a very small market.

- In your opinion, which of the European countries currently has a leading position in the Match Division and the Field Division?

- The leading role is currently held by Russia. No other country could currently raise the financial resources to promote crossbow shooting as Russia does.

- The final of the World Cup in crossbow shooting has been recently held. This tournament was held for the first time in history and for the first time in a completely new format. Please share your impressions. Do you think the sports show has succeeded?

- The world cup final of the crossbow in Orel was certainly a highlight in the history of the IAU. I have got so many impressions that I can analyze them only in the next few months owing to lack of time.

- If we talk about the new format, a lot of athletes from the Field division have positively evaluated these changes. In your opinion, is the new format successful, is it convenient for judges and athletes? Will this practice be applied in future?

- There will always be people who stand for and against this or another format. The technical commission of the Field crossbow shooting led by Mr. Andreas Henne has to find it out. Anyway, I'll talk to him about that soon.

- You are one of the leading experts who participated in the development of the competition rules in the Match Division. How are things in this division now? Will there be any rule changes in this division? If so, which ones?

- A new final will be held In the Match crossbow in 2019. The rules already exist and have already been released by the IAU. Currently the Technical Commission of the Match Division is planning the introduction of a Mixed-Competition similar to the ISSF (International Sport Shooting Federation). We will soon see it in practice. If the tests are positive, nothing is in the way of starting that new format in 2020.

- In your opinion, what is the trend of modernizing the rules? What goals does the IAU have, modernizing the rules in divisions?

- Our aim is to fascinate the audience of crossbow shooting. But it certainly should not be just a show, in which the sport itself is only on the second place.

- The World Championship in Ulyanovsk promises to be very interesting and intense, because the competition will be held in two divisions at once. What are your expectations from the upcoming world championship in Ulyanovsk?

- Russia will certainly hold a sensational World Cup again. I expect the World Championship in Ulyanovsk to be an interesting, spectacular and honest sporting event..