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Martin Oborovecki: "The goal is always the same - to win myself!"


In the world of big sports, you can often hear that the "bronze" is won, and the "silver" is lost. Martin Oborovecki strongly disagrees with this statement! From a junior to the silver medalist - the athlete considers World Cup Final – 2018 in crossbow shooting successful. Martin Oborovecki told in an exclusive interview about the way to his “silver victory”, training, dreams and the realities of crossbow sports.

- Martin, you have become the second in the World Cup Final in crossbow shooting. Are you satisfied with your result?

- I am completely satisfied with my result; it’s one of the best results in my career! Being the second in the World Cup Final while still a junior is a big success for me. I gave everything I had in this tournament, just like all other shooters, because as a sportsman I feel like I always must do 100% without holding back.

- How was your preparation for this tournament?

- I came to this competition without any training after the competition in Croatia and I didn’t expect much from the qualification part. Crossbow shooting in Field division is not my strong point, and I thought that I would be a bit behind other competitors even if I trained. Also, this competition is overlaid with air rifle season, and as it is my main discipline, I was training all free time so I really didn’t have much time for a crossbow. I’m doubly pleased that everything finished successfully!

- What are your impressions of the World Cup final in crossbow shooting? Did you like the new format of the World Cup Final?

- The organization of the World Cup was great, for both the audience and for the competitors. Yes, I like the new format, in fact, I proposed the main idea for it. And after discussing it with Pero Stojnic, we came up to this final version which was used there.

- So, did the embodiment of the idea succeed? What did you like most about the new format of the World Cup Final?

- The most interesting part of this format is duels. I feel like when you’re in the same situation like the other shooter, you can understand each other just by shooting together. That was actually what inspired me to this format, and in these competitions there were those shooters I met for the first time Vasiliy Borisov and Mikhail Kurochkin and those who I knew before Domagoj Pereglin and Semion Shaburin. I felt like I understood them all while shooting.

- Do you remember your first victory? How was it? Where was it? And what feelings have experienced then?

- My first victory on a bigger competition was at ECH Pärnu last year when I became a junior European Champion. There were a lot of good shooters during the two days of the competition - my sister Mihaela, Bagnard Gaetan, Iakov Avdeev and Aguat Clement, and they pushed me with their good shooting. During the finals, I saw that either I or my sister would win, so I was calm, and I really didn’t care much who of us would win. After 10 shots we were tired and I was really cold because of the rain and wind, and I felt like I couldn’t move any longer. It took me almost half an hour to get warmed up after the finals, and then I realized that I actually won.

- Do you remember your first defeat? Were you really upset then?

- It was on my first World Championship in Frankfurt when I was a cadet after just 4 months of training crossbow shooting. I shot my record there and in the last round of the second day, I shot an arrow two targets away from the center. In the end, that cost me my first victory, and I was actually second.

- What is crossbow shooting for you? Is it a hobby?

- As I’ve already mentioned, I shoot with an air rifle and it is my main discipline, although I have a better success in crossbow shooting.

- How did you get to know this sport?

- Crossbow shooting was introduced to me by Branko Pereglin in April 2014. He asked me if I was interested in going to World Championship, probably because there weren’t much cadets at that time. I thought to myself: “Oh, my God, World Championship, sure, let’s try that crossbow or whatever.”

- What is your main sport dream? What title would you like to win?

-My dream is to qualify for the Olympic Games. About titles, I am not driven too much, I just want to get better results and test how far I can go.

- How many times a week do you train? What do you focus on in your workouts? If it is not a secret!

-Well, it’s not a secret, I train when I want to. It can vary from no training to training every day. For indoor competitions I rarely train because I see that I can’t improve my results. Outdoor shooting is more relaxing and enjoyable, so even if I’m too lazy, I will force myself to train at least three times a week. In my training, I focus on the stuff I’m bad at. For example, sometimes it happens that I lose my nerves on the competition so the following trainings would be more focused on controlling my anger, etc.

- What are your hobbies besides shooting? How do you spend your free time?

- Free time? (Laughs) What is it? There is not much free time because of training and university, but I watch anime and youtube videos, play videogames, and do some programming just for fun. I also like to draw anime characters, but I keep those drawings for myself. But my favourite thing to do is to spend my free time with someone special.

-What are your expectations from the World Championship in Ulyanovsk? What result do you expect?

- I expect it will be a spectacle just as it is always in Russia. As for the results, the first thing is to pass the Croatian qualifications which are always tough. If I get there, of course, the goal is always the same - to win yourself!