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Ankur Rawat
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Christian Hunzinger: “We’ll try to make a surprise for athletes and spectators.”


“Match” division: its present and future, the rules that have already been changed and the innovations that are to be introduced soon, the analysis of the current situation with the crossbow events and future outlook. All this news and much more are available in the exclusive interview with the Chairman of the IAU Match Technical Committee - Christian Hunzinger.

-Mr. Hunzinger, how are things in match division at the moment? What rules have already been changed, and which ones are going to be modernized in the future?

-We have been working on the mixed team competition and hope that the athletes from national federations will play the game. In fact it was created to involve more women in competitions for gender equality.

-What is the main difference between the updated version of the rules and the previous one?

-The main difference is in a new format of the Finals. It's more attractive and full with suspense because a shooter which is in the 8th place can win the competition.

-What is the main reason of the modernization of the match rules in your opinion? What are the goals of the Match Technical Committee, concerning modernization of the rules?

-The main reason is to propose to make some new interesting competitions in match crossbow shooting. The shooting world is constantly changing. We need more shooters to organize big championships. We try to have nearly the same rules as in ISSF because so many crossbow shooters are coming from the ISSF competitions.

-How do sportsmen and judges feel about the innovations? What feedback and impressions do you expect?

-I think that we’ve organized some new programs to bring some suspense for sportsmen and audience as well. It is not so complicated for the judges to learn the new way of the finals.

-As for the adoption of the new rules, where and when can they be seen in action?

-The new rules are in force since January 2019 and in action at the next WCH.

- What format will match crossbow competitions have at the World Crossbow Championship 2019 in Ulyanovsk?

-A usual format with the new rules in finals at 10 and 30 meters.

-In one of the interviews, Mr. Lugmayr mentioned that the Match Technical Committee is considering the possibility of introducing mixed competitions similar to the ones in the International Sport Shooting Federation (ISSF).How close are these prospects? When are you planning to fully implement this idea?

-We’ll organize some test competitions in match crossbow during Austria OPEN 2019.

-When will the first test of mixed competition take place? How and where will they be held?

-The first test of mixed team competition will be in INNSBRUCK during AUSTRIA OPEN 2019 from 20 to 23 June. The program is already adopted.

-What’s the reason of a low-level development of match crossbow in the IAU member countries: Croatia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, and Belgium?

-The main reason is a shooting range for match crossbow. You need some motors, wood, lead, tables. It's easier for field crossbow. I also think that the main problem is money. In several countries the money is used for the Olympic disciplines and not for match crossbow events.

-What country, in your opinion, is the leader in match crossbow?

-If you mean the nation with the most number of shooters, the answer is RUSSIA. The main reason, in my opinion, is that the RUSSIAN federation makes a great financial effort to develop crossbow shooting. We have a lot of federations with little money because these disciplines are not OLYMPIC. The most part of money goes to the Olympic disciplines. This is the leitmotiv that we’ve heard for so many years.

-What are your expectations of the upcoming World Crossbow Championship 2019 in Ulyanovsk? To your mind, what should this championship be remarkable for?

-I hope that we’ll have many shooters from all the countries. I believe that my Russian friends will organize these competitions at a high level like the previous ones in Ulan-Ude .