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Ankur Rawat
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Ronald Lau: “Unfortunately, we are a minority of sports in Hong Kong”.


Asian New York, a pearl of the East, a business and trade center – all of these is Hong Kong. Beautiful and modern, surrounded by mountains and the ocean, it is known to be a place of power and great opportunities. And how the things are with crossbow-shooting? We’ll learn about it from the interview with Ronald Lau - the Chairman of the Hong Kong Crossbow Association.

- The crossbow shooting is a sport rich in history and traditions, which has roots in many different cultures around the world. Can you tell us about the history of this sport in your country? What interesting facts about crossbow shooting are known there?

- Actually, the Crossbow was invented in China by Chun Chou dynasty. Crossbow was a trap setting between bushes for hunting small animals. Once a small animal walked through and kicked the string which triggered the crossbow that shot a small arrow at the animal. During the reign of Chun Chou dynasty, crossbow was wildly used as a weapon in the war because it was easy to handle.

- Tell us about the history of the creation of the Hong Kong Crossbow Association. Where and when was it founded?

- The Hong Kong Crossbow Association was founded in 1985 by a Sports Equipment Dealer. At that time he introduced a crossbow into Hong Kong. There were many customers who bought crossbows. The Dealer felt he should form an association to organize some crossbow activities for these crossbow lovers to participate. Since then the Hong Kong Crossbow Association was created.

- How many members of the Hong Kong Crossbow Association do you have? How many athletes?

- At the beginning when the Hong Kong Crossbow Association was set, there were over one hundred members. But in early 1991 an injury case happened. The police suspected that the injury was made by a crossbow bolt. Then the Government announced a crossbow to be a weapon which means that its owner must have a license. Since then the membership has been decreasing gradually to a dozen members and athletes today.

- What crossbow shooting competitions are held? How often?

- We used to have annual national crossbow-shooting championships before 2000. Since the membership reduced we have stopped them for a long time.

- What difficulties does the Hong Kong Crossbow Association face in its activities? How do you overcome difficulties?

- We’ve got a lack of shooting ranges in Hong Kong, we only can shoot a crossbow at public shooting courts but they have been occupied by the archery associations since we are a minority sport in Hong Kong, unfortunately.

- Is crossbow shooting popular in your country?

- We have regularly organized crossbow training classes for the citizens together with some charities. After the master class, the attendees understood the difficulties of a crossbow ownership and that the price of a crossbow set is rather high which discouraged them from doing such a sport.

- Please share your future plans for the development and popularization of crossbow shooting in your country. What international competitions are you going to take part in this year?

- According to the difficulties listed above and low membership, we have no further plans for the development and popularization of crossbow in Hong Kong. We have no intention to participate in any international competitions in short term.

- Are you going to participate in The IAU World Crossbow Championship Field and Match, which will take place In Ulyanovsk (Russia), August 12 - 19, 2019? What are your expectations from this tournament?

- Yes and No, we are still considering participating in the IAU competitions in Russia. We will confirm it in due course. Thank you very much!