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Mihaela Oborovecki: “My plan is to do my best. We’ll see how it goes.”


The winner of two gold and one silver medals in the categories “Absolute Women 35 m”, “Women Team” and “Final Women” accordingly. Mihaela Oborovecki speaks about her love for crossbow shooting, victories, new friends and impressions in an exclusive interview.

- Mihaela, first of all, let me congratulate you on your victory at the 20th World Crossbow Championship! Are you satisfied with your result? (Gold – Absolute Women 35m., gold –women team, silver – final women)

- Thank you very much. I am more than satisfied with my results. The 35m gold was a really a nice surprise to me because it was the first individual gold in Women category I could win at the World Championship. I think the silver one was the hardest to get, especially because of the small difference before the finals. I have a great team, both Valentina and Sanja are excellent crossbow shooters, and the fact that we were only two points away from the world record is a good motivation for further competitions.

- Please describe your emotions when you realized that you were the winner! When you were climbing the podium and the Croatian anthem sounded in your honor!

- I am always very proud when I hear the Croatian anthem, and to hear it in your honor is definitely a powerful feeling. It shows you that all the hard work has paid off.

- What result did you expect before the 20th World Crossbow Championship?

- Before the Championship I tried not to make any expectations, but to focus on doing my best. I knew I was a good shooter, but that there were also other crossbow shooters with a bit more experience than I had. Since this was my first year out of the junior category, the pressure was a bit bigger, but I’m glad that in the end everything turned out the way it did.

- How long have you been preparing for the 20th World Crossbow Championship? Share the secrets of your training. What were you focusing on?

- There is no secret at all. At trainings I usually try to prepare myself for the competition in every possible way, from testing the bolts and equipment to mental tuning for different situations. As far as the length of the preparation is concerned, I believe that every previous competition since I started shooting has been a preparation for this Championship.

- Please tell us about your impressions of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk! What do you remember about this tournament?

- I have to say that the organizers have done a great job while preparing for the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk. Everyone tried so hard to make us feel welcome. There are so many things I will remember from this competition, I don’t even know where to start.

- We can also congratulate Martin on a successful performance. He has two gold medals. Did you worry about your brother during the tournament?

- This individual gold was a great success for him, especially after such a long series of silvers at world championships. There is always a part of me worrying about how well he’s doing, but the good thing is that we can communicate while we are shooting. That way we can always help each other.

- Did you like Ulyanovsk? Was this city hospitable? What interesting things have you seen in this city?

- As athletes we don’t have much time for sightseeing, but everything I saw in Ulyanovsk was wonderful. I have to say thanks to our lovely volunteers Masha and Sasha who tried so hard to show us everything Ulyanovsk has to offer in only one week.

- Crossbow shooting is a family sport for you. What attracts you in this sport? What, in your opinion, is special about it?

- I never know what to answer to this question, because there are no words that can describe the feelings you have when you do crossbow shooting. You just have to try it. In my opinion, the most special thing about this sport is the atmosphere, because, although we are “rivals”, the atmosphere is as friendly as possible and we always have a good time.

- The 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk has set a record for the number of countries and participants. Did you feel that the competition increased?

- I like the fact that new countries are interested in our sport and that people are trying to promote it around the world. I hope that our crossbow family will get even bigger in the future.

- Crossbow shooters often say that crossbow shooting is a very friendly sport, all athletes are one big crossbow family. Do you agree with this statement? Did you meet new friends at the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk?

- I definitely agree that we are one big crossbow family. I hope that the new athletes have caught at least some of that feeling. I’ve more or less known the majority of crossbow shooters from before, but I have made a few friendships with some new shooters and volunteers. That is always a nice thing.

- Tell us, what do you do in your free from sports time? What is your hobby and occupation?

- With studying and crossbow shooting there is not much free time. I study English and Spanish so when I don’t shoot or study I read or watch some TV series to improve my language skills and relax at the same time.

- Please tell us about your future sports plans!

My plan is to do my best. We’ll see how it goes.