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Valentina Protasova: “I'm ready to move on!”


Valentina Protasova, the winner of two gold medals in the individual and team classification in Match division, shared her impressions of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk. Read about a bright victory, friendship and further sports plans of the world champion in an exclusive interview specially for www.iau-crossbow.org

 - First of all, Valentina, we congratulate you on your triumphal victory at the 20th World Crossbow Championship!

- Thank you very much!

- You got two gold medals in Match division: individual and team events. Are you satisfied with your result?

- At a 10-meter distance, yes, of course, I am very pleased with my result! Two gold medals out of two possible ones in this distance is a hundred per cent result! As for a 30-meter distance I was ready to perform well... I planned to compete for medals. Whatever was done is done. I`m ready to move on!

- Was it difficult to win? What emotions did you feel about the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Match and Field divisions? What is this Championship remarkable for?

- The World Championship in Ulyanovsk has become a real holiday of crossbow sports for everyone. Each day of the Championship was very interesting and eventful. Of course, there were a lot of positive emotions. And by the end of the competition the sportsmen already got a pleasant fatigue similar to the one we feel after a wonderful celebration.

- The 20th anniversary World Championship in Match and Field divisions gathered a record number of athletes: 400 crossbowmen from 33 countries of the world! Did you feel increased competition?

- That`s truth, the variety of countries was very wide. Many new countries were noticed in Match division, and for many of them crossbow shooting is a new sport. Perhaps in Field division increased competition was much stronger.

- And who do you traditionally compete with among the leading countries in Match division?

- In Match division the leaders are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Russia which is especially pleasant to notice.

- When it comes to the Russian athletes, what is the situation with competition within the national team?

- In my opinion, in the female part of the Russian team we have very strong athletes who can replace each other in the participants list if it is necessary. And the most important thing about it, the country's honorary leadership position will be unchanged!

-It is obvious that you are all rivals in the individual offsets at the shooting line, but are you friends in life?

- We are very friendly either in life or in sports! I am sure that each of us understands that the main rival is yourself. During the 30-meter start my crossbow broke, the girls offered me their help, although we were competing in the same relay. Inna Budaeva brought me her crossbow to finish this exercise.

- What happens to an athlete during a competition at the shooting line? Сan you personally describe your feelings, what do you think about, or do you just concentrate on the process and there are no outside thoughts?

- Both excitement and jitters are present at the shooting line! Though I would say this is completely normal! Thoughts are totally different, but I always try to concentrate on work.

- How did crossbow shooting appear in your life?

- In 2003 I went in for rifle shooting and the next year I was offered to try my hand at a match crossbow. In 2005 I first participated in the Russian Championship in crossbow shooting and then at the European Championship in France where I took the 1st place in the national team. 

- Going up to your plans, what competitions are ahead?

- According to the calendar plan the World Cup final in Match crossbow takes place in Munich, Germany. I will continue preparing for the competition!