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Branko Pereglin: “Organizers will have some surprises and gifts for spectators and competitors”


The IAU World Cup Final in “Field” division is to tale place on December 5-8 in Dubrava, Croatia. The best crossbow shooters of the world according to IAU ranking list will compete once again for the main trophy – a small crystal globe, and the duel format of competitions will certainly impress all the spectators and fans. Learn about all the detals of the forthcoming tournament as well as the surprises prepared by the organizers in an exclusive interview with Branko Pereglin.

- A very significant event in the world of crossbow shooting, the IAU World Cup Final in “Field” division is to take place on December 5-8 in Dubrava, Croatia. Probably, you’ve already been preparing for the tournament, so, tell us a few words about it, please!

- Preparation for the World Cup Final in Dubrava started last year in December. According to the Croatian law, firstly, it was necessary to get approval from Croatian Shooting Committee and Croatian Olympic Committee. After that, we booked sports hall where competition will be held, and official bodies such as emergency medical service, fire department and police. We also made a hotel reservation in Ivanić Grad, a town near Dubrava. In hotel „Sport“ all the competitors will be placed, and there will be held crystal globes awarding ceremony for best woman and man crossbow shooters. We arranged with Croatian Sports television a required recording and broadcasting of the World Cup Final. The program will be available in Croatia, and via the Internet for the whole world. Furthermore, we are in process of all the other preparations, because we want competitors, spectators, guests and TV viewers to have the best experience possible. We have many ideas, but at the end, the budget will decide what we will manage to realize.

- Why was Dubrava chosen the venue of the competition? What is this town remarkable for?

- Dubrava is a small country with just over 5,000 residents, located 50 km from Zagreb, and is connected by a good road to both Zagreb and Zagreb airport. Dubrava is mentioned in written history as far back as 1094, so this year was added to the name of the shooting club. The club brought World and European medals and broke the World records of the following shooters: Branka Pereglin, Domagoj Pereglin, Valentina Pereglin, Tihana Odlešić, Luka Štrbenac, Marijan Kajfeš, Stjepan and Ivan Borak, Nikolina Krivanek, Ivan Kelečić, Ivana Požgaj, Ivan Bunjevac and Jasmina Bezrok. They were all born in Dubrava, graduated from elementary school. There are also Željko Tijan and Oliver Mofardin in “Dubrava 1094” club, who live in Slavonski Brod, but have played for our club for years. Shooters from this small place of Dubrava have won 33 gold medals from the World and European Championships individually (not counting medals by distance 35, 50 and 65 meters). They also broke more than 30 World records in crossbow shooting. The Croatian Olympic Committee has proclaimed 6 times the women's crossbow team as the best women’s team in Croatia (among all sports), and journalists from more than 50 Croatian newspapers, radio and television have given them their vote for the best Croatian team. There were always two and sometimes all three women from Dubrava in the team. The club has four experienced coaches, I am one of these professional coaches, graduated from the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. With all said, it was naturaly to choose Dubrava to be the place of the competition.

- How many countries are going to participate in the World Cup Final in Dubrava, according to preliminary information?

- At the moment I still don't know the exact number of competitors, but approximately I expect 6-8 countries with shooters who are invited to compete according to the IAU rankings.

- Could you, please, tell us about the venue of the competitions?

- A school sports hall's dimenzion in Dubrava is 44x26 meters, it's situated right next to the elementary school in the center of Dubrava. We expect more than 300 spectators there on Saturday, 07.12.2019 to watch the field crossbow shooters. This will be a special event for our region, as three shooters from Dubrava will participate in the qualifications, and hopefully in the fight for medals.

- What about the format of the tournament: will spectators see duel shooting again? How, to your mind, is this format successful and interesting for conducting crossbow competitions?

- First day of the competition will be qualifications where 30 crossbow shooters are to compete, and according to their results their start numbers and duel competitors will be defined. A winner of each duel must get 5 points (for winning one round of three shots, shooter gets 2 points, and for tied result each shooter gets 1 point). This kind of format is much more interesting for spectators, because they can easier follow the results. With this format, I think crossbow shooting is much more interesting for television broadcasting. For shooters this kind of format is harder, because a better shooter can easily lose to not so experienced shooter, and they need to have maximum concentration during the whole match.

- Probably, the organizers are preparing some surprise for spectators, fans and, certainly, crossbow shooters, during the competitions of the IAU World Cup Final in “Field” division? If so, please, lift the secret veil and say a few words about the surprises that are waiting ahead?

- The organizer will have some surprises and gifts for spectators in the sports hall, but also for the competitors. On Saturday there will be some famous people from sports, political and social life. That is all what I will reveal for now. :)

- Will we learn the names of the best crossbow shooters of the year in “Men” and “Women” categories of “Field” division like it was in Orel, Russia last year, during the first in the IAU history World Cup Final? If so, who, in your view, are the main candidates for this prestigious title?

- Last year in Orel, Russia we had an award ceremony for the best woman and man field crossbow shooters of the year 2018, and this year in Dubrava we will also reveal who is the best in 2019. The award ceremony will be held in the hotel „Sport“ in Ivanić Grad on Saturday, December 07th 2019 at 21:00, during the banquet. Last year a brother and sister Domagoj and Valentina Pereglin won that title. This year they also have good chances to repeat that success, but everything depends of the results of the World Cup Final, and we know that only the best shooters according to IAU ranking will compete there, so everything is possible.

- All the IAU events are distinguished by the individual choice of the awards. What awards and memorable prizes are prepared for the winners of the tournament in Dubrava? Please, tell us how the main award of the World Cup Final in “Field” division will look like this year?

- First three shooters in women and men categories will win medals, and the best female and male shooter will be awarded small crystal globes provided by IAU, and the hosts will award some prizes.

- Share your impressions of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Field” and “Match” divisions. What was it memorable for, to your mind?

- It is a well-known fact that Russia is always a great organizer of competitions. Personally, as a coach, and as a Director of Croatian Shooting Committee which I used to be (of all Croatian shooting teams: rifle, pistol, flying targets and crossbow), I traveled to many countries and was present at various competitions (Olympic Games, World and European Championships, World Cups, etc.), so I can tell when competition is well organized. When a competition is held in Russia, you know that this event will be at the highest level of organization. I think it is embedded in the souls of Russian people through a long sports history, and that this desire for good organization is crucial in competitions like these to be at that high level. Therefore, I can say with certainty that the last two World Crossbow Championships held in Russia were indeed top competitions. Hardly any country with crossbow discipline can repeat this. I am not sure if I liked better Championship at Ulan Ude or Ulyanovsk, but I am sure that the two were among the three best crossbow competitions I have ever participated in, either as a competitor or a coach through 25 years of being a part of crossbow shooting family. I congratulate the organizers on behalf of Croatian shooters and officials who were in Ulan Ude and Ulyanovsk, and my sincere thanks to all.