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Ekaterina Parshukova: “I’ve been a perfectionist all my life – all or nothing!”


Ekaterina Parshukova: “I’ve been a perfectionist all my life – all or nothing!” The first winner of IAU World Cup Final in “Match” division in IAU history, the holder of a Big crystal globe and the title “The best crossbow shooter of the year 2019”, Ekaterina Parshukova told us about her triumphal victory, secret of success and future goals in an exclusive interview especially for www.iau-crossbow.org.

- Ekaterina, first of all we congratulate you on your triumphal victory! Please, share your emotions with us.

- Thanks a lot! It’s very pleasant when so many people cheer for you, support and feel agitated! I’ve already received a great number of congratulations and they’re still coming! Apart from my relatives, friends and other close people, even complete strangers address their congratulations. I’m really happy about each victory, but this one is special!

- The World Cup Final in “Match” division was held for the first time in IAU history. You became the winner of the tournament and were awarded a Big crystal globe being the best crossbow shooter of the year 2019 in “Women” category in “Match” division. Have you realized yet that you gained a historical victory and went down in the history of crossbow sport as the first holder of these awards?

- Awareness, as a rule, comes a bit later. For the moment, perhaps, I don’t realize that I’ve done something special. I really wish Match crossbow shooting were an Olympic sport.. Nevertheless, winning 2 globes at once is a perfect result!

- Please, tell us about the competition process: was everything going well from the very beginning, was there any fierce competition at the tournament?

- In order to win a Big crystal globe I had to do a little to achieve it and all the other shooters were far behind. My goal was to show high results, do everything without mistakes and losses. In the final the competition was tough but I was emotionally exhausted as we haven’t managed to get acclimated. On the first day we had mixed team competition, Bayern Cup. And that day Savelii Triapitsyn and me won the second place. Anyway, it was like it should have been.After the final Anna Sushko asked me, joking: “Why do you need 2 crystal globes”? We both were laughing (smiles). But I’ve been a perfectionist all my life – all or nothing!

- The final turned out rather intense! Who did you manage to pull yourself together and tune in the mood for victory?

- In the final all the 8 athletes make 10 shots, i.e. 1 series. Then one of the athletes with the worst result leaves the final and then after each shot the participants are eliminated according to the same principle. Finally, there were 2 of us – Anna Sushko and me. There was a final shot left and both of us hit a bull’s eye and thus our resullts are the same. In this case there is a shoot -off till the equality of our results is broken. We had to make 2 such shots. First time we both got 9, both being extremely nervous.. My second shot was 10 and Anna’s - 9. In such a way everything finished.

- Did you feel anything special while competing with a shooter from your team in the final?

- We get on well with Anna out of competitions. I usually have warm feelings about crossbow events, the atmosphere is always very comfortable and friendly there, it’s like a holiday. And when you happen to meet the shooters from your team in the final, it’s wonderful!

- What were you thinking about at that moment? How did you tune in yourself and what helped you to become the winner?

- You know, when you feel that the victory is very close and you nearly feel it’s real, you’re eager to gain it. Before the beginning of the final I didn’t want much to win the second globe, just because it’s hard to carry it back to Russia and then to my native town. They’re very heavy (laughs). But in the final I got really excited! They say that the winner in the final is usually a lucky person.. I’m not sure enough that it’s my case.

- Please, share with us your secret of success. How do you manage to achieve such high results?

- I just do what I genuinely love! I advise all of you taking up something you’ll enjoy greatly! It happens sometimes that I feel like giving up, but then I remember the long way behind and cheer up, pull myself together. All the negative thoughts vanish.

- What mood were you in before your trip to the World Cup Final in “Match” division in Munich?

- My approach was the following: “It’s the final stage, I have to do my best. I’ll have some rest later, but now I mast work hard!” And certainly, I saw these gorgeous awards that were prepared for the winners. Now both of them are mine!

- What is your opinion about the organization of the event and the way the competitions were held?

- On the whole, the organization and the competitions were fine, without any difficulties, even crossbows didn’t break down this time. Unfortunately, it happens rather often.. But the main thing is that nothing can break me down! I know what I want and I do my utmost to achieve it!

- The World Cup Final in Munich became the last event of this year in “Match” division. Can you say a few words about the results achieved this year: have you managed to achieve everything that was planned? Are you satisfied with the season?

- This season was successful for me. I won gold medals at the World Cup, World Championship and World Cup Final, 2 crystal globes and I also sent a World record at the competitions of IAU World Cup in June in Austria. But, certainly, I remember that the rivals are on the watch. So, I’m going to work hard and move on!


- What would you wish yourself, other members of the Russian team and all the athletes in general in the next competition year?

- We’ve got a cool and solid team that will never leave you in trouble and, on the contrary, will always give you a helping hand! To my mind, it’s very important to have such relationship in the team. I wish all of us constantly moving forward. Each of us has something to improve, is aware of their mistakes as they say sky’s the limit! And I wish us continue demonstrating throughout the World that Russia is a very strong sporting country!