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Stanislav Kuznetsov: “Strive to overcome yourself as we, actually, are our main rivals!”


A historical victory and the title of the best crossbow shooter of 2019 – Stanislav Kuznetsov, the winner of IAU World Cup Final in Match division told us about his experience in an exclusive interview especially for www.iau-crossbow.org 

- Stanislav, our sincere congratulations on the triumphant victory! You’ve brought from Munich all the trophies – both Big and Small crystal globes. So, you became the winner of the World Cup Final and was awarded the title “the best crossbow shooter of the year 2019” in Match division. Please, share your emotions with us. Did you expect it?

- Thank you very much for congratulations! Frankly speaking, I was ready for it (smiles). Being nominated for the final, I already realized according to the current ranking list that I was bound to win a Big crystal globe. But then I told myself I won’t let anyone win a Small globe as well!

- The World Cup Final 2019 in “Match” division was held for the first time in IAU history. Probably, it’s twice as pleasant to gain such a historical victory, isn’t it?

- It certainly is! Being a winner is always great delightment and when you become the first in history to receive both Big and Small crystal globes is twice as pleasant and honourable!

- How tough was the competition at the tournament? Who do you consider your main rivals?

- The competition was really heavy and the competitors were strong enough. Perhaps, the shooters from Switzerland and Hungary were really competitive for me. After qualification shots when I had the second result in the list and Peter Sidi was the first, it was clear that it wouldn’t be easy at all in the final and I had to do my utmost and even more!


- There was a tense competition in the final: Peter Sidi and you had only one score difference. Please, tell us about how it all was going on. Were you worrying?

- Nearly all the competition in the final I was leading and it made me sure I was doing the right thing. I couldn’t stop thinking that any mistake made might lead to the second and even third place. Any fault might cost me a medal..

- In general, what are your impressions about the organization of the World Cup Final in “Match” division?

- The competitions were held at the highest level, thanks a lot to the organizers!

- Concerning the Big crystal globe, the award given to the best crossbow shooter of a year based on the IAU ranking list, how important was it for you to receive it? Did you suppose to gain such a trophy at the beginning of the season?

- To tell you the truth, this year I’ve done even more than I could ever imagine! Actually, this is a golden year for me!

- This crossbow season in Match division is finally over. Definitely, it was very successful for you. What will it be memorable for?

- The most memorable event is the World Championship in Ulyanovsk. It was there when I became a World champion in individual classification for the first time in my sports career! And then at the World Cup Final and it stimulates greatly to work harder, move on and strive to take only the first places!

- Please, share with us your future sports plans.

- At the moment I’m going to have a rest and then continue training as it’s the only way to achieve high results. The next competitions are to take place in the summer of 2020.

- Are there any other sports goals that you set yourself or you wish to repeat your success?

- Now my goal is to reinforce my success and get once again the results I managed to achieve this year.

- What would you wish other shooters for the next year?

- I wish all the shooters a lot of patience, it’s really essential to achieve good results. And, certainly, to set high goals and achieve them, strive to overcome themselves as we, actually, are our main rivals!