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The impressions of the winners of the IAU World Cup Final 2019 in “Field” division.


The brother and sister Domagoj and Valentina Pereglin became the triumphants of the IAU World Cup Final in “Field” division that took place on December 5-8 in Dubrava, Croatia. The Croatian shooters managed to win both Small and Big crystal globes, being the first in the competition and receiving the titles of “the best crossbow shooters of the year of 2019”. They shared their emotions in a flash interview.

Valentina Pereglin:

-Valentina, first of all, let us congratulate you on the victory at the tournament! It was a hard, but at the same time, certainly, a happy day for you. Please, share your impressions.

-Thank you very much! This World Cup Final turned out a trial for me. Apart from the main sports preparation for the tournament, there were lots of organizational issues that I was involved in. So, this victory became a real reward for me! I’m happy and proud of myself! It was my dream to win in the World Cup Final. Everyone should dream, believe in themselves, do their best and their dream is bound to come true!

- One more of your dreams finally came true, probably, it’s twice happiness and special feelings to win a trophy that you didn’t manage to get on the first try, isn’t it?

- Last year in Orel, Russia, I was the second, whereas Linda Mantcurova from Russia became the winner of the final. The only consolation at that moment was a Big crystal globe as the award to the best crossbow shooter of the year. But I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted two crystal globes at the same time! I’m proud of myself, my team, coach, and of course, my brother! I always worry a lot about him! (laughs)

-Was the support of the audience helpful?

- Certainly! Many thanks to everyone who shared that great sports holiday with us! I’d like to thank you for a sincere support of all the athletes!

Domagoj Pereglin:

- We congratulate you on the victory! How hard was it to win?

- That day turned out a hard one for me! (laughs) There was a number of organizational issues I was concerned about during the competition, but in the final I managed to distract from everything and concentrate on the main goal that I managed to achieve. I’m very glad I won! Performing at the domestic event I couldn’t have lost! There was the only mindset for victory! Thanks all of you for the support.

- You’re the winner of the IAU World Cup Final in “Field” division and the best crossbow shooter of the year the second year in a row. What’s the secret of your success? How do you manage to achieve such high results?

-There is no secret. (laughs) I just do what I love to. It’s hard to answer this question. (laughs) I simply practice and go shooting.

- Were you worrying for Valentina during the competition?

-No, not at all. (laughs) I was sure, she’d cope with it! She’s the best!