Invitation to the 1st Moravia Cup - World Cup Field Division

On behalf of the Czech Crossbow Association - Field Division we are glad to announce that after the 25-year tradition of holding the IAU Field Competition Bohemia Cup and the IAU World Cup in Otrokovice in recent years, this competition is moving to a new location.

We are proud to invite you to the 1st MORAVIA CUP - IAU WORLD CUP Plumlov 2024. The competition will held from 21st to 23rd June 2024 in the beautiful Moravian town of Plumlov, located about 6 km (4 mi) west of Prostějov and 21 km (13 mi) southwest of Olomouc.

We wish the new organizers of the IAU Field World Cup good luck and success in the organization!

The invitation and the registration forms are available in the competition calendar.


Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year!


As we embark on a new year, we are looking forward for fresh challenges and moments of joy in the practice and organisation of our beloved crossbow shooting. In this moment, thanks and gratitude go to every individual fostering this sport's existence—shooters, officials, and enthusiasts alike. Your dedication makes it possible.

Our shared goal remains clear: ensuring shooters find opportunities to practice and compete at every possible moment while propelling the organization's growth. Yet, to achieve this, we seek collaborative and innovative ideas. How can we enhance the experience, improve training, or innovate in competitions? Everybody’s input is also valuable here; only together we can shape the future of crossbow shooting.

While progress marks our journey, the need for competition organizers persists. Your involvement not only enriches events but also fuels the passion that drives our community. Up till now, we have fewer applications than expected at this time of year, lacking the critical mass for the World Cups and still having dates for European Championships and World Cup Finals open. We urge all officials with knowledge or possibilities to host these events to get in touch with the IAU Office or IAU EC to discuss these possibilities.

For the year ahead, may every shot fired bring fulfilment, every competition spark camaraderie and every goal achieved elevate our sport. Best wishes, good health and thumbs up for 2024!

Thumbs Up!

Match Division 2023 Season closes in Strasbourg

In the 10m and 30m disciplines, the best Match Crossbow shooters met in Strasbourg to determine the World Cup winners and the shooters of the year 2023.

Friday, October 6th started with the 30m discipline qualification and finals. From the 16 nominated shooters, 14 went to the start and competed for entering the finals. The competition commenced with a high level of performance, manifested among others in a series of world record, mostly rewriting old ones achieved in August at the World Cup in Wil.

The first (equalised) world record went to Thomas Debenne (FRA) for 290 points in standing position. After switching to kneeling, he added 296 points and this result, and the total (586) marked another two world records. With this qualification achievement, he went as a leader to the finals.

Standing - Thomas Debenne

The wind during the kneeling half of the match was visible, but negligible.  This, and the amount of competition possibilities during the season, made more world records possible. Joëlle Baumgartner (SUI) raised her own kneeling record from 295 to 297 points in the category of women; for the seniors, Christof Arnold (SUI) raised the kneeling world record to 292 and Stephan Loretz (SUI) the world record for combination to 571.

30m kneeling

In the final competition of the best 8 from the qualification, a very tight contest for gold was on the way. Until the 10th shot, both Thomas Debenne (FRA) and Joël Brüschweiler (SUI), were ex aequo with only two points of loss. After an 8 for the Swiss shooter, the difference seemed to emerge, but after the next 3 shots, the equality was re-established again.  The last three shots, however, decided about the victory and the small crystal globe for Thomas Debenne, Joël Brüschweiler taking the silver position. Bronze went to Joëlle Baumgartner (SUI).

30m finals

On the evening the same day, the World Cup winner in the 10m category of women was also on the programme. 13 shooters went to the line for the qualification; after 40 shots the best 8 proceeded to the finals. Lisa Roettelé (FRA) managed to confirm her lead from the qualification and won gold and the small crystal globe. After a very hard fight, the second place and silver medal was taken by Britta Wolf (GER), who entered the finals as the 8th placed shooter. Bronze went to Anaëlle Capelle (FRA), going down one place from the qualification. For the athletes and officials, it was a very long day, ending after 20:00, but the spirit was up, despite the fact that some of the shooters competed also in the 30m discipline!

10m finals women

On Saturday October 7th, men went on the line for the qualification and finals in the 10m event. Every nation from 5 participating had at least one representative in the finals, with France being the luckiest. Thomas Debenne (FRA), the winner of the 30m events, was also here the undisputed leader and took gold along with the World Cup. The fight for silver was very spectacular: Joël Brüschweiler (SUI) entered the finals at position 8, but through very consistent shooting and a series of straight 10s was in lead till the 7th shot. After shot 8, an 8, the fight for gold was also a fight for bronze, because of a string of 10s by Michaël Dhalluin (FRA) opened everything again. At the end, silver went to Joël and bronze to Michaël, by only one point difference each.

10m finals men

Saturday was also the day of the IVC (Euroleague) finals. For some shooters, it meant the third or even fourth start on this weekend. Big respect to all! IVC results can be downloaded here.

World Cup Winners 30mWorld Cup winners 10m Men

Both big crystal globes for the Shooter of the Year went to France: Thomas Debenne won the 30m ranking of 27 starters and Romain Meignan the 10m ranking of 54 athletes who collected at least one ranking point.

Shooters of the Year 2023

Look up the following links for the  final World Cup results and ranking.

IAU World Cup Final - Field Division

We know the winners of the World Cup Finals Field Crossbow 2023:

Women - Valentina Mrnjavčić Pereglin (CRO)

Men - Martin Oborovečki (CRO)

Following the first day of qualifications, quarterfinals and semi-finals, the second competition day brought the decisions about the medals in the categories of women and men. Representatives of three countries - Croatia, Hungary and France - made it to the bronze and gold medal matches.

In the women's category, both pairings went straightforward to the decision. For bronze, Judit Törökné Zsótér (HUN) met Laura Chauvelot (FRA). With a loss of only 2 points, the medal went to the Hungarian world record holder, finishing with a clear 6:0 against her French rival. In the gold medal match, Valentina Mrnjavčić Pereglin (CRO) met with Ludivine Jacob (FRA). Scoring 30, 30 and 29 brought her a 6:0 victory, the gold medal and the small crystal globe for the World Cup Final winner.

In the category of men, the pairing for bronze was a French duel and for the gold/silver a Croatian one. In the bronze medal match, Jean-Michel Brulet met with Hugo Andre. After an initial 2:2, Jean-Michel continued with 30, 30 and this lossless finish made him the bronze medal winner.

The gold medal match offered the spectators on the field a dramatic fight. Andrej Krstinić, paired against the acting Match Play world champion Martin Oborovečki, took the lead in the second end, after the first one ended with a 30/30 draw. Next end, next draw, this time a 29/29. In the fouth end, Martin was able to close up to 4:4, and the fifth end, again a draw (28/28), set the point score to a 5:5 which means a one-bolt shoot-off. Both shooters scored a 10, so that the measurement tape was the tool of final decision. Andrej's bolt was 15mm from the absolute center; Martin's 10mm mean that he earned, by this tiny difference, the gold medal and the small crystal globe.

This ends up the 2023 season of competitions in the Field Division. For complete results, click here or check the Calendar.

Invitation to the IAU World Cup Final - Match Division

We invite all qualified shooters of the Match division to celebrate the closing of the IAU saison 2023 in Strasbourg! 

At this link or in the calendar, you can find the invitation and the programme for the World Cup Final in Match Crossbow, which closes the battle for rankings and determines the winners in the 10m and 30m disciplines. 

At the same time, the IVC Cup will be held and closed for the 2023 saison as well. The schedule can be found in the invitation.

Please take time to read the invitation and return your application and due payments not later than September 25th and September 27th, respectively.

For qualifiers, please refer to the actual ranking list.

Looking forward to meet you in Strasbourg!

Invitation to the IAU World Cup Final - Field Division

The IAU, along with the Organizing Committee, has the pleasure to invite the best field crossbow shooters of the season to this year's World Cup Final in Field Crossbow, which will be held in Dunavarsány, Hungary.

The event will take place from 21st to 24th September 2023.

We kindly ask the IAU members with shooters in the appropriate ranking positions to fill the registration and arrange travel and associated payments not later than 8th September 2023.

Please refer to the calendar for the invitation and registration forms.

Please refer to the actual ranking to check the qualifiers.