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No championship can be held without them because they carefully monitor the competition for the treasured trophies and medals to be conducted according to all the rules. Moreover, the final result of an athlete sometimes depends on their competent decision. Of course, we mean judges. The chief judge of the Field division Pavel Kaszonyi is speaking about the features of work, training, responsibility in decision-making.


Valentina Protasova, the winner of two gold medals in the individual and team classification in Match division, shared her impressions of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk. Read about a bright victory, friendship and further sports plans of the world champion in an exclusive interview specially for www.iau-crossbow.org


The winner of two gold and one silver medals in the categories “Absolute Women 35 m”, “Women Team” and “Final Women” accordingly. Mihaela Oborovecki speaks about her love for crossbow shooting, victories, new friends and impressions in an exclusive interview.


A few days before the beginning of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Field” and “Match” divisions the IAU President Pero Stojnic shared his expectations of the large-scale event and appealed to all the athletes. All of this and much more is available in the exclusive interview!


Crossbow shooting as passion and life work – the IAU ex-president Charles Mechin told us how he got to know this amazing kind of sport. Interesting details and facts, valuable recommendations as well as an authoritative opinion of a highly qualified specialist about development and modernization of crossbow shooting – all these things and many others can be read about in an exclusive interview at www.iau-crossbow.org.


On June 28-30 the 24th Croatia Cup in “Field” division will take place in Veliko Trgovišće. The competition is going to be very interesting and surprise greatly all the crossbow shooters and spectators! What surprises are to be expected? One of the organizers of the WC, Damir Oborovecki, lifted the veil. You can read about the innovations, prospectives of crossbow shooting development as well as the coach’s family and his occupation in the exclusive interview at www.iau-crossbow.org.