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The first winner of IAU World Cup Final in “Match” division in IAU history, the holder of a Big crystal globe and the title “The best crossbow shooter of the year 2019”, Ekaterina Parshukova told us about her triumphal victory, secret of success and future goals in an exclusive interview especially for www.iau-crossbow.org.


The IAU World Cup Final in “Field” division is to tale place on December 5-8 in Dubrava, Croatia. The best crossbow shooters of the world according to IAU ranking list will compete once again for the main trophy – a small crystal globe, and the duel format of competitions will certainly impress all the spectators and fans. Learn about all the detals of the forthcoming tournament as well as the surprises prepared by the organizers in an exclusive interview with Branko Pereglin.


A junior Champion of Israel in rifle shooting, a 15-year-old guest of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Match and Field divisions, Olga Tashchieva has not only captured the hearts and minds of spectators and strict judges, but also hit a bull’s eye. The young athlete managed to win the first place becoming the best shooter in Match division in “Guests” category. The crossbow beginner and her father and coach Alexander Tashchiev told about their impressions, discoveries, new friends and emotions in an exclusive interview.


The triumphant of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in “Field” and “Match” divisions, the winner of 4 gold medals out of 5 possible, Andrej Krstinic told us about his path to success. Read about the competition, friendship and team spirit in crossbow shooting as well as further plans and goals of the World champion in an exclusive interview specially for www.iau-crossbow.org


No championship can be held without them because they carefully monitor the competition for the treasured trophies and medals to be conducted according to all the rules. Moreover, the final result of an athlete sometimes depends on their competent decision. Of course, we mean judges. The chief judge of the Field division Pavel Kaszonyi is speaking about the features of work, training, responsibility in decision-making.


Valentina Protasova, the winner of two gold medals in the individual and team classification in Match division, shared her impressions of the 20th World Crossbow Championship in Ulyanovsk. Read about a bright victory, friendship and further sports plans of the world champion in an exclusive interview specially for www.iau-crossbow.org